Project 8: Sayaendou-NEWS

We've got a request this time on NEWS- Sayaendou.
Karaoke file:

Taken parts:
as Masuda Takahisa
hanipazui as Yamashita Tomohisa [part finished]
beililee as Nishikido Ryo [part finished]
mystic_water_ as Tegoshi Yuya [part finished]
tesshilove as Kato Shigeaki
tegorin_news as Koyama Keiichiro [part finished]

Also if you are taking a part, record it , onegaishimasu~~
It isn't fair for the others if all people are recording except one or two.
Jya, but you don't have to hurry anyways.
Would be good if songs could be finished one week after the post.


We're still taking requests on solo songs.

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